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Fun, professional, memorable First Aid and Safety Training.


Want a no-frills way to save lives fast? Covering only essential, life-saving skills, this course is just the thing if you're in a hurry to become a hero, or just need a recert.

Book a place, arrange a course

This course runs throughout the year, but also 'on demand'. First check the schedule to see if there's an available course to suit you. If so, contact the trainer listed for more details.


If there is no course to suit you, or if you need a course for a larger group, contact either Tony or Marylene and we will arrange one. We'll come to you if needed and arrange for a convenient time.

Pay for a place on this course

The 'levels' of CPR Training

Level A: Adult CPR & AED, choking, heart attack and stroke.


Level B: Only available as part of the Child Care course. Level A plus the same for children & babies.


Level C: Add on advanced skills like 2-rescuer CPR. This level is recommended for first responders, life-guards, etc.


Level HCP: Health-care providers. You should probably already know if this applies to you! Includes all of the above plus Bag & Mask skills.


Cost - we change the same fixed rate whatever level of training you need. $50

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Don't think this excuses you from going to class!


1. Use the schedule to find the course you want to take


2. Reserve a place by contacting the instructor listed in the schedule


3. Pay for the course right here