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Fun, professional, memorable First Aid and Safety Training.

Good to see you here! We have a lot of free safety training resources, start here and explore.


Check out the Bondi video. You might have seen it in class... getting old but well worth a watch you'll see how CPR & AED use really works.


Occupational Safety - how to decide who needs what training and when, as well as the all important "How do I record all this stuff?" - we have free resources for you to use:


Alphabet Soup!! OK, you know the ABC of first aid if you've been on a course, but this PDF will take it further, much further....


Choking - your number one fear? Often we hear from those who care for children that this is the one thing they are truly afraid of. Find out how to prevent it and what to do if it happens. Not a substitute for 'real' training, but still it's good to know!


Ten things you wanted to know about CPR that (probably) weren't covered in your last class. We answer some common questions in this free PDF book.


Freddie the First Aid Frog - free for you to introduce first aid to your youngest with this colouring book.



Dig Deeper....

101 Driver Safety Tips. We're not just about first aid, but anything safety related. Trying as always to do better than average, we didn't like the 'top 10' you can find on the Internet, so we complied our own 101 tips into a book, free for you to download.



Book mark this page and we'll keep adding resources as we create or find them.



Any problems?


We hope not, but if you can't download something, or there's a 'broken link' contact Tony. He'll sort you out.

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