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Driver Safety Training

Yes, yes, we know - you're a good driver, it's those other guys....


The day you got your full driver’s licence should not have been the day you stopped learning to drive. Technology advances, cars change, heck even the rules change. Driver Safety Training should be a lifelong process. Sometimes a course can meet court-ordered requirements, sometimes it can get you an insurance discount, but always it should help you become a safer driver - otherwise what’s the point? After all, it’s your life you risk on the road everyday. Whether you want to enhance your winter driving skills, or have got your first 4-wheel drive and want to drive it safely, we have a course that’s right for you.


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Courses are designed to be easy for you to learn. We want you to be safe after all. Videos, text, ‘key point’ summaries and other techniques are used throughout the various courses. Along with this, questions and interaction will happen along the way. This involvement is key to helping you learn. Without being involved in the learning, you may as well just snooze in front of YouTube.


101 Driver Safety Tips - From us to you


All of our driver safety training courses cover the fundamentals for their topic, and many of them get into much more detail than we can outline here - it’s hard to summarize 30, 60, 90 or more minutes of interactive video-based learning on a webpage. That’s why every course also has a video clip preview, so you know what you’re buying ahead of time. But in the end, what you’re really buying is safety and your peace of mind. We think you’ll find these courses are well worth your time and money.

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