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WHMIS - The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

Workers exposed to hazardous materials may be at risk for many serious health problems such as kidney or lung damage, cancers, burns or allergic reactions. At other times, hazardous materials can put a person at risk from fires or explosions. The workplace hazardous materials information system (WHMIS) provides workers with specific health and safety information about workplace hazardous materials. These are called 'controlled products'.


Employers are required to use the WHMIS system, as well as information specific to their own workplace, to educate and train staff to work safety with and near hazardous materials.

The workplace hazardous materials information system requires that the workers receive information about each controlled product they use. This must include the product name, along with potential hazards and safety precautions (including appropriate first aid).


The goal of WHMIS is to reduce the risk of injury by communicating specific health and safety information about controlled products so that the information can be used to reduce exposure to hazardous materials.

WHMIS classifications


The system includes a classification method which informs workers about six hazard classes. These classes are depicted by eight symbols which identify the specific hazards of controlled products, which we recognise as the "WHMIS symbols" on product labels.


After the controlled product has been classified, there are three parts to the way in which information is conveyed to workers


  • Product Labels

  • MSDS

  • Appropriate training


The employer is obliged to provide education and training to workers so they can work safely with and near controlled products.


Workers need to know how WHMIS works, the hazards of controlled products in their workplace and the safe work procedures they must follow.


Training should be updated at least annually.

WHMIS Training Courses



WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. It is a Canada-wide system that provides employers and workers with information on the hazardous products that are stored and used on work sites. This online WHMIS course covers the key elements of WHMIS, including WHMIS symbols and labels, material safety data sheets, and worker training.

WHMIS for Employees


The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, or WHMIS, is in place to provide information to protect workers from potential exposure to hazardous products they may work with or in proximity to. These hazardous products, called “controlled products,” may cause injury, disease, or even death if workers are not educated and trained. This course is intended for every employee who works with or in proximity to a controlled product.

WHMIS Refresher


This online WHMIS training can be used as a refresher course that covers the essentials of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. Though designed as a refresher for people with previous WHMIS training, this comprehensive course is also applicable to those who are new to WHMIS.

WHMIS Poster


This 24" x 36 " laminated poster is brightly colored and easy to read. It gives a description of the WHMIS symbols and classes as well as other regulatory symbols such as the consumer, U.S., and fire (NFPA).


This wonderful visual aid is excellent for every employee that works with or in proximity to a controlled product.

WHMIS Self-study Guide


The WHMIS Self-Study Guide provides comprehensive training required under the Federal Hazardous Products Act for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. In this self-study workbook you will find detailed information, a full exam and a certificate of completion.

WHMIS Pocket Book


This package comes with 10 WHMIS Pocket Books. Each WHMIS Pocket Book covers all of the areas required for training under Health Canada and the provincial regulators.